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Dr. Craig A. Kaplan

iQ Company

iQ Company’s history shows a decades-long focus on the invention and implementation of intelligent systems incorporating collective intelligence, artificial intelligence, and most recently blockchain technology.  Prior to founding iQ Company, Dr. Kaplan studied with the co-inventors of Artificial Intelligence at Carnegie Mellon University.

Our systems combine human Collective Intelligence with Artificial Intelligence to produce super-intelligent results in domains ranging from K-12 education to asset management. Recent work includes development of a blockchain-based approach to General Artificial Intelligence which is mentioned in this video and described in more depth this public whitepaper, and this issued patent.

Company TImeline
About Dr. Kaplan

About Dr. Craig Kaplan

For 28 years Dr. Craig A. Kaplan has served as CEO of various technology companies.  He is CEO and founder of iQ Company ( – a consulting company that he founded in 1993.  He was also the founder and CEO of PredictWallStreet, a data gathering company that polled millions of retail investors to gather their opinions about the stock market.  Clients included NASDAQ, TDAmeritrade, and many other well-known financial institutions.  PredictWallStreet was sold after it powered a fund that ranked in the top 10 of all market-neutral hedge funds for 2018. 


Dr. Kaplan has over three decades of expertise in the fields of Collective Intelligence (CI), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and quantitative modelling.  His current consulting focus is the development of Artificial General Intelligence systems, including AI ethics.   Dr. Kaplan is working to apply AI and CI to solve challenging problems not only in financial markets but more importantly in areas that affect our planet globally, such as climate change and the evolution of super-intelligent systems.


His academic background includes a visiting assistant professorship in Computer Science at the University of California.  He earned MS and PhD degrees from Carnegie Mellon University where he co-authored research with the Nobel-Prize winning economist (and co-inventor of the field of AI), Dr. Herbert A. Simon.  


Dr. Kaplan’s more than 50 publications include a book, research published in prestigious scientific journals, a blockchain whitepaper, and dozens of patents in the software and internet fields. He was elected to the scientific research society, Sigma Xi, and has been an invited speaker and consultant at institutions ranging from the Business Schools at Harvard and Wharton to international conferences on software and technology.   

Most recently, Dr. Kaplan founded iQ Studios (, a video production company whose mission includes raising awareness about the evolution of Artificial Intelligence and Planetary Intelligence.  He is available for consulting and speaking engagements with a select group of clients.

iQ Company Historical Timeline


Dr. Kaplan left IBM to found iQ Company after co-authoring patents and a book on software development


Pioneered field of online surveys with launch of Group Knowledge product


Designed Custom Collective Intelligence (CI) Systems for US Coast Guard, US Air Force, Los Angeles Unified School District, McGraw Hill, many other organizations


Invented PredictWallStreet system - a way to harness the Collective Intelligence of retail investors to gain an edge on Wall Street


PredictWallStreet founded as venture-backed company focused on Collective Intelligence for financial services


Top quantitative hedge funds, financial data companies and retail brokers licensed PredictWallStreet data and technology systems


Market-neutral hedge fund powered exclusively by PredictWallStreet ranked in Top 10 by performance; Blockchain whitepaper

2020 - YTD

PredictWallStreet sold allowing Dr. Kaplan to focus on consulting -- especially in Artificial General Intelligence; iQ Studios founded

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