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Our founder

Dr. Craig Kaplan, iQ Company's founder, consults on the design and implementation of new intelligent systems.  He prioritizes work on Artificial General Intelligence.  Dr. Kaplan’s view of the future of evolution of technology is described in iQ Studios  "WorldThink" video series.

iQ Company provides system design, development and consulting services to Fortune 500 Companies, asset managers, and government organizations.

Our specialty

iQ Company specializes in the design of systems that harness the Collective Intelligence of hundreds, thousands, and even millions of online humans. Our systems combine this human Collective Intelligence with Artificial Intelligence to produce super-intelligent results in domains ranging from K-12 education to asset management.

Our Specialty

In the 1990s, iQ Company pioneered “crowdsourcing,” before the term was widely known.  For example, iQ helped educational testing companies crowdsource the development of test questions from thousands of teachers instead of relying on limited internal staff, reducing the cost of item development from more than $120/question to about $1.50/question.  Double-blind tests showed that the quality of the crowdsourced test items was equal to or better than those developed internally.  iQ also developed one of the world’s first online survey systems, GroupKnowledge, which was licensed by many Fortune 500 and government clients.  


iQ was the first to harness the opinions of millions of retail investors in real-time to provide a sustainable edge in financial markets.  Studies showed that price forecasts based on this collective intelligence was profitable to retail investors, even after subtracting transaction costs.  To prove the effectiveness of collective intelligence in financial markets, the company managed millions of dollars in a hedge fund that ranked in the top 10 of all market-neutral funds in 2018.  More detail is provided in the Publications section of this site.


iQ’s current focus is on working with organizations to develop General Artificial Intelligence (GAI) in ways that minimize the dangers of this very powerful form of artificial intelligence.  For more on iQ’s general approach to GAI, please view Episodes 4 and 5 of the iQ Studios WorldThink Series


Dr. Kaplan is a cognitive scientist who has studied and designed intelligent systems for more than three decades.  He earned his PhD at Carnegie Mellon University under the mentorship of Herbert A. Simon, a Nobel Prize-winning scientist who co-invented the field of Artificial Intelligence.   To learn about Dr. Kaplan’s background, please visit LinkedIn.


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