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iQ consults on Collective Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence, and Artificial General Intelligence systems.

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Artificial Intelligence / AGI / AI Safety

Dr. Craig Kaplan currently consults with a few select clients interested in designing and implementing advanced AI including Artificial General Intelligence systems. Achieving AI safety by design is a primary focus of all his consulting work, and based on his expertise and portfolio of patents, he can guide organizations seeking a fast and safe path to AGI.

Kaplan’s background in AI stretches over more than three decades. At Carnegie Mellon University, he earned his PhD studying with Herbert A. Simon, the Nobel Laureate who helped co-found the field of AI in 1956. He also participated in the research groups of two other luminaries in the field with opposite approaches, Allen Newell and James McClelland.  Building on his research training, he pioneered intelligent systems that included collective intelligence aspects, resulting in dozens of software patents.


Kaplan’s approach to advanced AI is unique in that it incorporates the best design ideas from symbolic AI, neural networks, and collective intelligence systems. His designs have been proven in highly competitive commercial environments.

Collective Intelligence

Dr. Kaplan is available to consult with clients interested in implementing systems that harness the collective intelligence of large numbers of human and/or AI agents across a variety of domains.

Since the 1990s, Kaplan has been a pioneer in the invention and implementation of collective intelligence systems. iQ Company pioneered online surveys as well as crowdsourcing before either approach existed in commercial form. His work on the design of collective intelligence systems involving millions of humans has a successful track record in domains ranging from educational testing to financial services.  

Financial Applications of AI and Collective Intelligence

Dr. Kaplan is available for consulting to a very small number of financial services companies, or investors, seeking to apply AI to the domain of investing and trading in the equity markets.

Having founded and run PredictWallStreet for over 14 years, Kaplan has valuable expertise in applying collective intelligence and AI to the U.S. equity markets. Under his leadership, and based on his designs, Kaplan enabled a top 10 performance for a hedge fund in the market-neutral category for 2018. After selling PredictWallStreet in 2020, he now offers consulting to other financial services or investment firms/individuals wishing to capitalize on his expertise.  

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