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Selected AI Presentations and Interviews

Featuring Dr. Craig A. Kaplan

ABET 2024 Symposium Artificial Intelligence Industry Panel Discussion Moderated by Dr. Naguib Attia,  panelists were Matt Conwell, Dr. Craig Kaplan, and Andrew Lloyd.

ABET Symposium 2024 Ethical Dimensions of AI: Navigating Inclusive Transformations in Education and the Future of Work. Led by Sam Cummings of DataPlant, panelists included Dr. Craig Kaplan, Dr. Karen Panetta, and Kevin Kuck.

How to Create AGI and Not Die. Dr. Craig Kaplan presented at IFoRE2023 on AGI, safety challenges and approaches, and his view of the future.

A Very Deep Dive Into AI: Is Everything We Know Coming to an End? Dr. Kaplan is interviewed by Family Office about AI.

Dr Craig Kaplan, founder discusses ChatGPT, AI, and academia. Dr. Craig Kaplan is interviewed by Jamshed Arslan.

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