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About iQ

iQ's research and consulting focuses on designing and implementing intelligent systems.

AI visual ML

Founded in 1993, iQ Company has consistently led the way in designing and implementing intelligent systems.


In 1995, one of our earliest products pioneered the collection of human intelligence via online surveys.


In 2006, we launched PredictWallStreet, a venture-backed company, to demonstrate that systems leveraging the collective intelligence of millions of retail investors could outperform elite Wall Street professionals. This was proven in 2018 when PredictWallStreet powered a top-performing hedge fund.


By early 2023, we integrated our collective intelligence approach with cutting-edge AI innovations to develop safe AGI (Artificial General Intelligence) and SI (Superintelligence) systems.


As of 2024, our patent-pending designs for AGI and SI are the safest and most powerful available. We are actively seeking partners to implement and scale these technologies.

iQ Company Timeline


2024 - Present

Actively seeking partners to implement Safe SuperIntelligence
Patents filed on Advanced AI, AGI, and SuperIntelligence
PredictWallStreet sold; iQ Studios founded
PredictWallStreet achieves top 10 performance on Wall Street; Whitepaper on AI agents and blockchain
PredictWallStreet partners with top quantitative hedge funds, financial data companies, and retail brokers
PredictWallStreet founded to apply Collective Intelligence to financial services
iQ designs custom Collective Intelligence systems for the US Coast Guard, US Air Force, Los Angeles Unified School District, McGraw Hill, and other organizations
iQ pioneers online surveys and launches Group Knowledge product
iQ Company founded by Dr. Craig Kaplan

Meet the CEO

Craig A. Kaplan, PhD

  • Dr. Craig Kaplan LinkedIn
Craig Kaplan, PhD

Founder and CEO

  • iQ Company, a consulting company focused on AGI and Safe SuperIntelligence

  • iQ Studios, a video production company focused on raising public awareness of AI, AI safety, AGI, and Safe Superintelligence

  • PredictWallStreet, a data gathering firm whose clients included NASDAQ, TD Ameritrade, Schwab, and others

Research Focus

  • Invention of safe and ethical AGI and Safe SuperIntelligent systems

  • Production of educational videos about AI safety, AGI, and the future of AI

  • Design of Collective Intelligence and Superintelligent Systems to solve global problems

Publications, Videos, Presentations

Academic Background

  • Visiting professor of computer science, University of California

  • Doctoral and master’s degrees, Carnegie Mellon University

  • Published research with Dr. Herbert A. Simon, the Nobel laureate who co-invented the field of AI

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