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The Future of AI

The WordThink Series describes the overall evolution of Planetary Intelligence from Human Intelligence to Collective Intelligence, to the rise of AI and AGI, and ultimately to Planetary Intelligence.

Worldthink Episode 1: The Evolution of Planetary Intelligence. What we do in the next 10 - 20 years will determine the fate of humankind.

Worldthink Episode 2: Human Intelligence. Four key areas of human cognition.

Worldthink Episode 3: Collective Intelligence. Collective intelligence's role in the development of human culture.

Worldthink Episode 4: The Rise of AI. The rise of AI from the naming of the field in 1956 to today's explosion of machine learning systems.

WorldThink Episode 5: Artificial General Intelligence. Why AGI remains the holy grail of AI research.

WorldThink Episode 6: The Future of AI. Humanity's best hope for survival is ensuring that humans remain central to the development of AGI.

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